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         Phelim High  Schools Benin City   
  • wisdom begins with wonder.


    wisdom begins with wonder.
  • Education is a vaccine for violence.


    wisdom begins with wonder.
  • wisdom begins with wonder.


    wisdom begins with wonder.
  • Learning never exhausts the mind.


    wisdom begins with wonder.

PHELIM HIGH  SCHOOLS BENIN CITY                       



Proprietress, Phelim Schools Schools                                                                                                



Proprietress, Phelim Schools (2)  


Phelim High  Schools comprise Montessori, Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary school; Committed to Bringing About the Total Development of each Pupil, Student: Spiritual, Moral, Intellectual, Social, Emotional, and Physical. To Empower the Students, Pupils Through Education, Helping them Achieve their God given Potentials in Spiritual Formation and Learn Leadership Skills for the Service of God and Humanity.


We at Phelim, Pride our Selves in Providing Qualitative and Affordable Education for all Children.

Our school is a caring and friendly place where pupils, students can grow and learn in a creative, secure and friendly environment.

Staff, pupils/students and parents work together for the common goal of giving the best to the child.

However, if you want to find out more, do not hesitate to phone us or plan to visit us at your convenient time. We look forward to meeting you.

Awesome Education
(Computer Based Education) 

 Our Students and Pupils have access to quality education, together with quality opportunities for creative, sporting, social and cultural activities.

Awesome Classes

           (Students Learning in Style)                       We believe that an all-round education is important for all-round development of a child and we are determined to do our very best for every student and pupil in our schools.

Awesome Teachings

(Excellence is our Passion)

Our teaching and management departments are well equipped ensuring thorough training and enhancement of pupils and students.


Self Development

. helping your child become  a star of his personality



Setting Standard

...starting well is all it takes to end well, at Phelim High Schools (PHS) we lay that good foundation for your child.



Science & Technology

.....translating knowledge into solving problems is the secret of becoming an achiever at Phelim High Schools (PHS), we expose your child  to science and technology.



Computer Education

...until your child is completely developed, limits are certain to occur, we pamper to the full capacity at all of your child's developmental milestones, exceeding all limits using computer based learning.


Humanity $ Moral

...the  power of  a child is the  developed dignity and moral values acquired, we are known for that at Phelim High Schools (PHS)




Our Team


You cannot climb the ladder of success without education.


...in our school no child is left behind

 JUNIOR principal

...learning Never Exhausts the Mind, keep learning


...we understand child's psychology towards learning


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